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Franchise Opportunities

Discover franchise opportunities with Little Chief Coffee Shop! Join our growing network and share your passion for quality coffee. For more information on how to become part of our community, please send us an email at littlechiefmt@gmail.com. We’re excited to hear from you!

Consulting Services

As coffee consultants, our primary objective is to simplify the learning curve associated with establishing a coffee and hospitality business, allowing you to concentrate fully on turning your dreams of a successful venture into reality.

We offer unwavering support in terms of knowledge, motivation, passion, tools, resources, and commitment to ensure the success of your project.

Our range of coffee consulting services encompasses the following:

  • Coffee Menu Development

  • Coffee bar design and workflow

  • Coffee equipment selection and layout

  • Coffee Shop design

  • Barista Training

  • Brand establishment

  • Product development

  • & more

We are confident that our comprehensive suite of services can suitably address any phase of your business. Are you seeking to enhance or create a new menu? Optimize the efficiency of your coffee bar? Build a coffee business from the ground up? Source and select the appropriate coffee equipment? Establish your own coffee training program? Or even  Enhance the skills of your team members? 

We offer various modes of collaboration, including phone calls, emails, video chats, and on-site visits, depending on your specific needs. Although our current base of operations is in Malta, Europe , we are available to assist clients worldwide, wherever our expertise is required.

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